Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rav day & Socks

Well I'm having a quiet week at home this week after spending the past couple of months rushing round. First Amelia fractured one of her toes on an escalator in the the Bull ring, 3hours spent in A&E that day.
But Saturday was Rav day in Coventry. Had so much fun despite the pouring rain and bought some goodies back home. It was so nice to see everyone who I chat to online and enhance my stash while we chat! One thing I bought was a Sushi Sock roll from EasyKnits as I'm determined to knit a pair of socks, I've tried so many times over the past couple of years and failed but this time things are going quite well.

Also bought some fibre from the lovely KraftyKoala (Gemma) that I can't wait to spin up and some pink pink yarn to knit a bag for Alice. She's been asking for a few weeks now so I better get on with it.
And finally I've added a couple more handspuns to my Misi shop and I'also having a Summer sale for June, all prices have been reduced my 10% so pop over and have a look.

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