Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Waiting for Woolfest

Okay, so I literally can't wait for Woolfest! My first ever visit this year and we'll be camping on Grayonside where everybody else seems to be too. I have pennies saved and I'm ready to seriously enhance my stash.

So with Woolfest on the brain I was looking around Misi for all the lovely sheepy things available, just look at these lovelies!

Cutest set of sticthmarkers ever from Tinkwych

Gorgeous project bag from Nicsknots, I already have a project bag from Nic but I may need a new one with sheep on

This cot set from Mopppy is the cutest thing ever, ok I don't want the baby to go in it but the duvet set is stunning!

So with looking at all the lovely sheepy things, I couldn't help but make one little purchase of my own.

Fabulous sheep earring from Lej jewellery

These will be coming with me to woolfest next week!

See you all there :o)


  1. thank you for featuring the earring :-)

  2. Ooh there are some lovely things there! Thanks for featuring my bags. I'd better get making some stock then ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you!! xx

  3. woohoo! thanks for the mention :o)